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Renato Berti ‘Ribet’

Born on 26th October 1884 in Padua (Italy) Renato Berti was a talented artist who studied in the Scuola Libera Del Nudo (Academy of Fine Arts) in Rome. His works were displayed in many exhibitions, used as illustrations of posters, children’s books and many painted many canvases.

Renato Berti - Rugby Memorabilia Society - Posters (1)
Renato Berti ‘Ribet’

Whats On - Dubai
December 2014

The 2014 Dubai Sevens was the second tournament of the 2014-15 sevens World Series. This was held between the 4-6th December 2014 (at the Sevens Stadium ‘Dubai’).

Whats On - Dubai (December 2014 publication) Rugby Memorabilia Society
Whats On - Dubai: December 2014


Rugby Memorabilia Society News

We have had to reluctantly postpone our planned meeting this coming Friday, we have had a large number of apologies for our proposed Ian Watkins evening at Ebbw Vale, that we would rather postpone it as opposed to have poor numbers turn up. Sorry to Ian and to Kerry Phillips who worked hard to set it up - We are still hopeful that we will have Ian Watkins as a guest speaker at a later date ‘If all goes to plan’

The PROVISIONAL date for this year’s AGM is Sunday June 3rd at Bristol Saracens RFC. Colin McFadyean has agreed to be our guest speaker, but we cannot absolutely confirm the date until he has completed a house move.


RMS Meeting
Monday 12th February USK RFC

At our recent meeting in USK RFC, The Rugby Memorabilia Society had the pleasure to have a Guest Speaker in former Wales International Ceri Jones. We would like to thank Ceri for taking time out of his busy schedule for what was a very enjoyable evening.

Ceri Jones - Rugby Memorabilia Society
RMS Meeting

Mascots of the 2019
Rugby World Cup

For the first time since the 1999 Rugby World Cup which was hosted by Wales, there will be a mascot for the occasion. In 1999 it was Dewi the Dragon, this time in Japan 2019 there will be Ren G (the main tournament mascot).

Rugby World Cup 2019
Rugby World Cup 2019 Mascots

Alun Edward Islwyn Pask

Blackwood born Alun Edward Islwyn Pask was one of most brilliant back row forwards Wales has ever produced, but during his playing career he was constantly sniped at for not always playing with the utmost effort, particularly at club level.

1966 Alun Pask - Bay of Plenty - British Lions - Rugby Memorabilia Society
Alun Edward Islwyn Pask

1958 - Wallabies in California

The first match was on Thursday 27 March 1958 at Witter Rugby Field against the University of California (also known as the Golden Bears). The second match on Saturday 29 March was against an "All-Stars" team that had 7 players backing up from the Thursday match but also included Australian-born players John Dowse, who went on to represent the Wallabies in 1961 and Derry Hill who played for NSW 3 times from 1956-60.

Wallabies in California

Tom Browne

Tom Browne was an English cartoonist, painter and illustrator, born on 8th December 1870 he started work as a milliner’s errand boy in 1882. From there he became an apprentice to lithograph printers, and made a living drawing freelance cartoons for London comic papers.

Tom Browne - Rugby Poscards (8)
Thomas Arthur Browne