Rugby Memorabilia Society

Touchlines - Issue 78 - December 2020

RMS Issue 78

The Magazine of the Rugby Memorabilia Society
Issue 78 – December 2020

Sorry for being slow updating the website, the latest edition of Touchlines issue 78
December 2020 has been released and all members should of by now received their copy

Happy Birthday To... Us!!
My Friend Jack Kyle
Memories of ‘The Season that Never Was’
Rugby & Baseball in Wales
New Zealand Army Teams Visit Pontypool Park – 50 years apart
Who’s Got One?...
Home or Away?...
Thomas Raymond Prosser 1927-2020
The French Home Programme 1920 to 1931...
15 Charringtons in a Nine-Hour Session...
Mullock’s Auctions – Sept 2020

All RMS members will receive a copy of this magazine at no extra charge (This is included in your annual subscription).

Once again we would like to thank our members who contributed articles, and to our Touchlines Editor ‘Phil Atkinson’ in putting together this publication.

Peter Douglas-Davies