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Touchlines - Issue 76 - April 2020

RMS Issue 75

The Magazine of the Rugby Memorabilia Society
Issue 76 – April 2020

There will be a delay with the latest edition of Touchlines: our printers told us that the April edition of Touchlines due out has had to be delayed while they are shut because of the virus.
A digital version has been sent out for our members to enjoy via email.
We will keep you updated as things develop.

A Window on Sporting History: Scotland v England 1871
The Effects of World War 1 on Welsh Rugby ‘Part 2’
Ben Foord – The Moseley Heavyweight
Frank Croft Hulme ‘Birkenhead British Lion’
Couldn’t tackle a train timetable, even!
Japan 2019: A trip to the RWC......
Who’s Got One...??
In Off The Post...
‘Trust’ Cardiff For A Good Night!
Spot The Caps
Springbok Selection Part 3
Tries that weren’t
Pick of the pics

All RMS members will receive a copy of this magazine at no extra charge (This is included in your annual subscription).

Once again we would like to thank our members who contributed articles, and to our Touchlines Editor ‘Phil Atkinson’ in putting together this publication.

Peter Douglas-Davies