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Mascots of the 2019
Rugby World Cup

For the first time since the 1999 Rugby World Cup which was hosted by Wales, there will be a mascot for the occasion. In 1999 it was Dewi the Dragon, this time in Japan 2019 there will be Ren G (the main tournament mascot). The Official Rugby World Cup website has this to say of Ren G.

Ren G - Tournament Mascot (2) Ren G - Tournament Mascot (1)
Ren G
(Official Tournament Mascot of the 2019 RWC)

The story behind Ren-G
The shishi are sacred lion-like mythical creatures that are said to bring happiness and ward off evil They have been seen depicted in Japanese culture in a variety of forms since ancient times. Whether it be as a renjishii traditional Japanese theatre, Noh and Kabuki (the lion-like creatures often appear as a pair of father and son and perform a dance onstage), a shishimai (lion-like creature appearing in the lion dance) or a komainu (guardian lion statues often found at the entrance of shrines), the shishi has been known to take on different forms. Ren-G were born when this ancient spirit met the five values of rugby –integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline.

As they have been involved in the promotional activities for rugby, they have had the opportunity to meet and get to know the mascots of the host cities. They share a mutual goal of making the Rugby World Cup 2019 a success and a strong friendship have developed between Ren-G and the host city mascots.

2019 RWC Map showing the venues

Along with Ren G there will be mascots who will be unique to each host city.

Sapporo City (Capital of the Northern Japanese Island of Hokkaido)
Sapporo Dome Stadium

Kamarin and Sobacchi
Kamarin and Sobacchi
Kamaishi City (Iwate Pref)
Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium (currently being constructed)

Nyaozane and Kobaton
Nyaozane and Kobaton
Saitama Prefecture
Kumagaya Athletic Stadium (Rugby Ground)

Yuriito (b) Yuriito (a)
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Ajinomoto Stadium (will host the opening ceremony of the 2019 RWC and opening match)

Rugby Wan and Kanagawa Kintaro
Captain Wan and Kanagawa Kintaro
Yokohama City
Kanagawa Pref
International Stadium Yokohama

Try-Kun and Mozuyan Try-Kun
Try-Kun and Mozuyan
Osaka City
Hanazono Stadium

Kobe City
Misaki Stadium

Fukuoka City
Hakatanomori Stadium

Higomaru and Kumamon
Higomaru and Kumamon
Kumamoto City
Kumamoto Stadium

Mejiron (b) Mejiron (a)
Oita Stadium

Tosta - Toyota City (Stadium Mascot)
Aichi Pref
Toyota Stadium Mascot

Shizuoka Stadium

Peter Douglas-Davies