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Scotland & Ireland v England & Wales
17th October 1959 - Twickenham

Jersey worn by England-Wales Prop Ray Prosser Jersey worn by England-Wales Prop Ray Prosser
Jersey worn by England-Wales Prop Ray Prosser
Article from a playfair annual:
Twickenham Jubilee Match –
A Great Occasion

The Jubilee season of Twickenham was celebrated on Saturday, October 17th 1959, by a match between a joint England and Wales fifteen and another representing Scotland and Ireland. France were paid a compliment of having one of their officials, Mon J.F Sampieri asked to act as referee. Twenty-three of the “Lions”, recently returned from Australia and New Zealand, were seen in action and a crowd of some 60,000 people in pleasant conditions enjoyed an exhibition of Rugby football of the occasion.

It was, in fact, a brilliant match and the amount of open play was indicated by the score – England Wales, four goals and two tries (26 points) to one goal, one penalty goal and three tries (17 points) But for an odd incident in the closing minutes, when Hewitt had a kick at goal in front of the posts disallowed for reasons not quite clear, the margin between the two sides must have been even smaller than the score would suggest.

Jersey worn by England-Wales Prop Ray Prosser Jersey worn by England-Wales Prop Ray Prosser
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Attacking Movements

The Anglo-Welsh team led at halftime by 16 points to 11. Jackson, Currie, Ashcroft and Morgan each scored a try as a result of brilliant attacking movements and Davies converted two of the tries. For Scotland and Ireland, Hewitt landed a wonderful penalty goal from the centre spot – happily for once, penalty decisions played little part in the game – and also converted a try by Kemp. Just before the change of ends, O’Reilly added a great individual try.

In the second half, Jackson’s almost unique gifts as a dribbler led up to a try by Risman. Towards the end, Davies added to his contribution by converting an opportunist try scored by himself as well as Risman’s try. Meanwhile, Scotland and Ireland had been fighting back even more excitingly than in the first period and two of their forwards, Dawson ‘the Lions Captain’ and Millar – in a terrific breakaway, supported by Murphy – well-earned the applause which greeted their scoring efforts.
After the match, there was a great reunion of old internationals and many other guests invited by the Rugby Union, in a large tent erected in the West Car Park.

Jersey worn by England-Wales Prop Ray Prosser Jersey worn by England-Wales Prop Ray Prosser
Official Match Programme and line-ups:

Scotland and Ireland:
K.J.F Scotland (Cambridge U), A.R Smith (Ebbw Vale), M.K Flynn (Wanderers), D Hewitt (Queens Uni Belfast), A.J.F O’Reilly (Leicester), G. Sharp (Stewarts College & Army), A.A Mulligan (London Irish), G.K Smith (Kelso), J.T Greenwood (Perthshire Acads), W.A Mulcahy (University College, Dublin), J.W.Y Kemp (Glasgow H.S.F.P), N.A Murphy (Cork Constitution), S Millar (Ballymena), A.R Dawson ‘Captain’ (Wanderers), H.F McLeod (Hawick)

England and Wales:
T.E Davies (Llanelly), P.B Jackson (Coventry), M.C Thomas (Newport), W.M Patterson (Sale), J.R.C Young (Harlequins), A.B.W Risman (Manchester U), R.E.G Jeeps ‘Captain’ (Northampton), A Ashcroft (Waterloo), J.F Faull (Swansea), J.D Currie (Harlequins), R.H Williams (Llanelly), H.J Morgan (Abertillery), G.J Bendon (Wasps), B.V Meredith (Newport), R Prosser (Pontypool) Referee – J.F Sampieri (France)
Touch Judges – L.M Boundy (London Society) and D.A Brown (Northumberland)

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