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1957/58 The fourth Wallabies Tour

Scotland v Australia
15th February 1958

1958 Scotland v Australia programme - Rugby Memorabilia Society.jpg

Match Programme & Highlights

Match report from ‘Rugby Playfair Annual 1958-59’

As in their previous internationals, the fourth Wallabies on this occasion with staleness as well as the luck operating against them – let the match slip away from them in the second half.
Before the interval, they had played attractively, and scored two good tries and converted one of them in reply to a penalty goal and a try. Soon afterwards a case of obstruction cost them three more penalty points, though it demanded an almost fantastically good kick by A.R Smith, the Scottish Captain to change the whole course of the struggle. From then onwards, the Australian forwards flagged and during the final crisis, their defence lost S.W White who was carried off with a head injury sustained in going down to a rush. It was after this that Scotland raised their narrow lead of one point to four by scoring their second try.

1958 Scotland v Australia Team Photo - Rugby Memorabilia Society.jpg
Scotland Team Photo

Australia started off with a confidence that belied their record. The Wallabies pack scrummaged better than usual and the backs clearly set out to make it an open game. Curley at full back joined in an early attack and it was from his punt ahead that Donald gathered in full stride to score a try which Lenehan converted from a wide angle.

1958 Australia Jersey - no.29 J.V Brown (Bryn Meredith Collection) (1).jpg 1958 Australia Jersey - no.29 J.V Brown (Bryn Meredith Collection) (3).jpg
Australia Jersey worn during the 1957-58 tour
by Hooker J.V Brown (Bryn Meredith collection)

Australia continued to press, but after Lenehan had badly failed with a penalty, they were given a rude reminder that Scotland were equally ready to attack when offered half a chance. A splendid breakaway by Waddell had started it and in support of a cross-punt by Docherty, Weatherstone like Donald picked it up in full stride and scored a try. Smith’s attempt to convert was good but not quite good enough. Summons got Australia back to the attack again by one of his breakaways and though White was held, the ball reached a dangerous forward in Thornett, who scored his sides second try. Scotland replied with a penalty goal by Smith and so it stood at the change of ends.

1958 Scotland v Australia - signed match programme.jpg
A match programme signed by both teams

Smith’s second penalty goal, from extra-long range, came soon afterwards and Australia after one or two attacks fell away. The Scottish forwards, indeed had taken a firm grip of things before their opponents lost the service of White and, with the backs, including Chisholm joining in the assault, the decisive try was scored by Stevenson. A sporting Murrayfield crowd gave the Australians the consolatory cheers they fairly earned. It was noted that Smith had scored two penalty goals for Scotland in three kicks, whereas Lenehan had failed with five.

Jersey - 1958 George Drummond Stevenson Scotland (White) No3 vs Australia - Rugby Memorabilia Society (1).jpg Jersey - 1958 George Drummond Stevenson Scotland (White) No3 vs Australia - Rugby Memorabilia Society (2).jpg
A white Scotland Jersey worn in the match
by George Drummond Stevenson

Scotland: 12
Weatherstone (try), Smith (2 pen), Stevenson (try)

Australia: 8
Donald (try), Lenehan (con), Thornett (try)

R.C Williams (Ireland)


R.W.T Chisholm, A.R Smith (Captain), G.D Stevenson, J.T Docherty, T.G Weatherstone, G.H Waddell, J.A.T Rodd, H.F McLeod, N.S Bruce, T Elliot, M.W Swan, J.W.Y Kemp, G.K Smith, J.T Greenwood, A Robson

T.G.P Curley, R Phelps, S.W White, J.K Lenehan, K.J Donald, A.J Summons, D.M Connor, G.N Vaughan, J.V Brown, R.A.L Davidson (Captain), A.R Miller, D.M Emanuel, E.M Purkiss, N.M Hughes, J.E Thornett

Playfair Rugby Annual 1958-59
Thank You to the following RMS member who helped contribute to the article
Gary Alexander (Scotland Memorabilia collector) – for the team photo & programme cover
Phil Atkinson
- for the Photo of the Australia Jersey
Peter Douglas-Davies