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British Rugby Tour of Argentina

1927 Tour
British Argentine Tour
R.C Wakefield, J.N.S Wallens, A.F Hamilton-Smythe, R.F Kelly, E.G Taylor, C.D Aarvold,
P.S Douty, G.A McIlwaine, A.D Allen, G.B Goghlan, T.W Gubb, D.S Troup, E Coley,
T.O Pike, D.E Law, C.T Payne, James Baxter, D.J MacMyn, T.H Vile, E.D.G Hammett, J.E Farrell
W.H Sobey, J.O.J Malfroy, R.S Spong, G.S Wilson

The 1927 British ‘Lions to some’ tour of Argentina only took place thanks to a fund raising effort of the River Plate Rugby Union, which included donations from Clubs, newspaper companies etc etc. In 1926 the RFU received an invitation from the River Plate Rugby Union requesting a team of first class players to tour Argentina, This invitation was accepted and a team of English, Scottish & Irish players was assembled and led by Mr James Baxter ‘RFU president’ who would also manage the British Lions of 1930.

The team was captained by Scotsman David MacMyn on this 9 match tour ‘which included 4 Test vs Argentina’. The tourists won all their matches rather comfortably scoring 298 points and conceding just 9.

Book - Tommy Vile: A Giant of a Man by Philip John Grant
Team Photo – personal collection

Peter Douglas-Davies