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1893 Newport RFC v Cardiff RFC - Official Match Programme

Newport v Cardiff
Saturday 18th March 1893

1893 Newport v Cardiff programme (1)

1893 Newport RFC v Cardiff RFC
Official Match Programme

For those that may have missed it, this highly decorative and 127 year old match programme from the match between Newport RFC and Cardiff RFC recently appeared on ebay and sold for £258.06 (30-08-2020). You don’t see much ephemera from this period, so it was a pleasure to see such an item. Hopefully to be treasured by the new owner.

1893 Newport v Cardiff programme (1) 1893 Newport v Cardiff programme (1)
1893 Newport v Cardiff programme (1)
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For those that are interested, here is the match report which was published by ‘The South Wales Daily Post’ on the 20th March 1893


This, the match of the season, attracted a record gate at Newport. Immense interest was attached to the encounter, as Cardiff was the only team who defeated the Usksiders this season. The ground, like the weather, was perfect, save that the sunshine was a little too bright. Hill and Cravos could not play for Cardiff, and Coslitt and E.P Biggs took their places. Newport were weakened by the absence of Arthur Gould, whose place Charlie Thomas filled. Cardiff kicked off, and Newport immediately began pressing, and kept the ball in the visitors’ half. A free kick to Newport was given, but Cooper's place hardly reached the goal. The return was taken by Groves, but his pass went into touch. Some perfect passing by the Newport halves and three-quarters was stopped by Thomas being tackled in attempting to get through. Norman Biggs got in a fine kick - in answer to another Pearson was called back for going into touch. Newport continued to keep play well in the Cardiff half, and after some vigorous play England kicked over. Some long kicks followed. Then Graham broke away, and Hannen almost scored. About a minute later Packer passed to Graham, who scored an unconverted try. From a scrum in midfield Elliott brought the ball into the Newport half, and went to touch-in-goal. Evans fumbled and gave a chance, which he cleverly retrieved. Newport pressed during the whole of this half, Cardiff seldom reaching their 25.


Newport resumed the offensive with a grand kick by Graham. Watts finely charged down Elliott's return, and Bert Gould had a splendid run across the field to beyond the 25 flag. Thomas got injured, and Boucher took his place at centre. Boucher took a pass from Parfitt and handed to Cooper, who broke away, but was tackled by Fitzgerald. Elliot followed with a beautiful run, and Pearson got over, but the ball had been knocked on at the half way. Norman Biggs intercepted a pass intended for Cooper, and ran straight for the line. He swerved aside from England and got round almost behind the sticks. He followed this up by placing A GOAL, thus putting Cardiff ahead. Then came a terrific contest. The Newport forwards time after time broke away, despite the fact that they were one short, and good runs were made by Dauncey, Bert Gould and Cooper, but none of them crossed the line, though each of the three had a narrow shave. As time drew near each team put forth its most vigorous efforts, and once E.P Biggs was almost through. Cooper made a good run, and invaded Cardiff's territory. By a kick from a mark he enabled the Newport forwards to form a scrimmage on the line, but a big kick returned, and Newport's last chance was lost, when, after breaking away through, Percy Phillips sent a pass to the forwards, and the ball was lost. They, however, played up vigorously, and kept the ball on the line, where play was raging when time was called. Newport had had decidedly the best of the game, and Biggs's try, though smart, was lucky. Cardiff were heartily cheered at the close of the match.


Cardiff - 1 goal, 2 minors.

Newport - 1 try, 1 minor.

If anyone has any other early match programmes, tickets or other memorabilia that you would like to share please get in touch

Peter Douglas-Davies